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Concrete Flooring

Raised Access Flooring adhesive removal service.

Concrete floor glue removal

Our concrete floor glue removal work in the most modern way, with a well trained team to do a job with excellence and leave your floor with a finish and ready to receive your new carpet or maintain a restored floor finish

Our services Removing carpet, vinyl, and other adhesives off concrete to polish the concrete beneath has become an increasingly popular request by contractors, architects, and designers due to the results.

Get in touch today and we will arrange a visit and provide you a quotation based on the area size and the current based on state of your floor

Concrete flooring grinding down work

As the name suggests, a concrete grinder is a machine that is used to grind concrete! Concrete grinders come in a range of shapes, sizes and configurations for several applications. Hand-held angle concrete grinders, for example, are used for smaller concrete cutting or edge grinding jobs. Whereas large industrial walk-behind concrete grinders are used for grinding larger commercial concrete floors. There are myriad concrete grinding machines to choose from depending on your specific needs.

Walk-behind concrete grinders are more robust and powerful than hand-held grinders. They require more energy to work and operate under much greater stress. This additional pressure is due to the high level of sliding friction when grinding large areas of concrete. We are specialists in grinder down work

Concrete floor grinding
Concrete floor repair

Concrete floor repair

It is important to remember that all concrete floors are different. They may have been installed using different methods at the beginning so bear this in mind when looking for a remedy to your damaged concrete slab. We will spot and remedy any defects to your concrete floor.

Temperature, machinery, improper use and general neglect all take their toll on your floor. Cracks can spread and widen if left untreated.

Before any concrete floor repair work it is useful to be able to identify the types of defects & identify the reasons why they might have occurred before considering repair options.

Concrete floor polish work

Our highly trained concrete floor polishing team take the first steps in restoring your concrete floors. Using the latest state of the art machinery, our team will carefully and methodically grind and repolish your concrete floors.

The concrete polishing process is undertaken using the most amazing diamond cutting and polishing tool available. You can be sure that when Fenix Contractors is restoring your concrete floors, every step, every machine and every bit of tooling is chosen to produce the most amazing finish possible.

Finished Concrete Floor Polishing
Floor Screeding services

Concrete floor screed work

Fenix carries out floor screeding installations on our customers’ building projects. We are responsible for outlining and planning the task required, before overseeing its completion from start to finish. We will plan and create schedules for every step of the process, from ensuring that the area the screed mix will be placed is prepared for the work, to making sure the end result is prepared for any floor finishes that will be completed afterwards.

As floor screeding contractors, we will also be responsible for managing a team onsite, as well as tracking supplies of materials and updating any and all reports for a day’s work.

When you hire us to complete your screed flooring, our expertly trained team members will be sure to undertake all of these responsibilities to the standards we expect and our customers deserve. Your screed floor will be installed to the specifics you set out when you call us to book an installation, so you will never get less than the best we can provide, and the work carried out will be completed to your exact requirements.

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